Center for Computing Education and Instruction

Center for Computing Education and Instruction




A robust and unified network of educational, industry, and non-profit partners dedicated to supporting Computing Education and Training across the State of Ohio. 

  • With an increased need for teacher licensure and professional development, a CSU Research Center will provide a central location to continue supporting preK-20 computing education for Northeast Ohio, while creating a model for the preK-20 computing education community across the US. 
  • A current push for a more streamlined entity exists.  This entity would provide a bridge with the multiple partners at the university and in the Cleveland area that work with prek-20 computing education initiatives, including recruitment and retention in computing-related degree programs. 


  • Advance initiatives for diverse, equitable, and inclusive computing education programs
  • Deliver quality professional development training to computing education preK-20 preservice and in-service educators
  • Become a mechanism for connecting efforts for computing education for CSU campus and preK-20 partners
  • Design, develop, and support innovative computing education programs that leverage partnerships to improve quality computing education and increase enrollment in computing programs.
  • Designdeliver, and support innovative career and talent development programs that support students pursuing a career in Computer Science & IT.
  • Supportdesign, and/or deliver summer enrichment experiences for k-12 students in the areas of computing and technology
  • Facilitate the development of teams to continue to obtain external funding for projects that fit the Center’s purpose and goals
  • Promote computing activities within the preK-20 environment for Cleveland, the greater Northeast Ohio Community, the state of Ohio, and nationally.
  • Advocate for resources and education that would increase exposure and knowledge of computing fields for preK-20 students
  • Advocate at the State level for policy initiatives and updating ODE standards which impact computing
  • Prepare teacher candidates and experienced teachers for state licensure and endorsement
  • Support the integration of computing in teacher preparation programs at the university.
  • Develop initial teacher licensure programs in computing.