UST190 - Worksheet1

Parma Roofing Co. 1970-85 Roofing laborer (recurring employment in family business) Understanding of construction business  
Fisher Foods 1973-76 Retail clerk; retail sales and merchandising Sales and merchandising skills  
Serv-a-Rack 1977-79 Salesman: sales, delivery, merchandising of non-food products to inner-city grocery stores Sales and merchandising skills; Understanding of inner-city grocery store operations Sales contest, awards
Wendy's 1979 Cashier, cook and dining room attendant Knowledge of fast food operations  
Victoria Station 1980-81 Waiter Understanding of restaurant operations Letter of reference
Don's Lighthouse Restaurant 1984-87 Waiter Training and supervisory skills; Prioritizing work under stress  
B&G Properties 1981-82 Resident Manager Leasing; Rent collection; Repairs and maintenance Letter of reference
R&R Management 1986 Resident Manager    
Progressive Urban Real Estate 1987-1993 Realtor; marketing and sales of residential properties Marketing and sales skills; Creating advertisements; Financing skills including knowledge of lender's underwriting criteria; Appraisal and valuation; Title and Escrow; Property insurance; Fair Housing; Real Estate Law; Real estate license; Certification from various real estate classes

Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO)


1987 to Present Working with businesses, residents, community organizations; Courtwatch, Crimewatch, C.B Patrol, block clubs; Neighborhood Beautification Community organizing; Crime prevention and Safety programs; Program development and administration Letters from Executive Director, banks and other professionals
Ward 17 Development Specialist for (DSCDO) 1987-88 Program, Graffiti Removal Program; Paint Program; Commercial Services Program; Storefront Renovation Program Commercial design guidelines, Secretary of the Interior's standards for rehabilitation; Economic development and loan packaging

Economic Development

Finance Certification


CDC Capacity Building Certification

Commercial Coordinator for (DSCDO) 1988-89 Small business technical assistance; National Register of Historic Places district designation and nominations Historic Preservation; Historic tax credit application Construction
Project Manager for (DSCDO) 1990- Present Housing code compliance; Single family housing development; Multi-family housing development: City and State housing code; Building construction and systems Management Certification
Assistant Director for (DSCDO) 1995 - Present Low income rental housing; Market rate rental housing; Condominiums; Commercial development of retail and offices; Arts district development; Development of St. Stephen=s Square; Strategic Plan and Housing Study; W. 65th Rapid State redevelopment; Transportation and infrastructure including engineering and streets; Working with residents including senior citizens, and physically and mentally disabled, family development; Asset management; Staff supervision, training, and evaluations Construction management; Low income tax credit program; Financial packaging including preparing budgets; Syndication, legal and accounting skills; Marketing; Proposals and grant writing; Neighborhood, regional, and strategic planning; Zoning and building standards; Transportation development; A.D.A. and assistance programs; Property management, residential and commercial leasing, software, compliance, budgeting; Public administration; Time and stress management

Classes & seminars:


Change and Infill in Historic Areas; Historic Preservation