Center for Public and Nonprofit Management

Mentor + Mentee Spotlight Series

Dale and Nicki

Mentoring Stories: Dale Anglin & Nicki Price
Mentor, Dale Anglin - Vice President for Programs, The Cleveland Foundation
Mentee, Nicki Price - B.A. Nonprofit Administration (December 2022) & Current Master of Public Administration (MPA) Student, Cleveland State University

Here is what Dale had to say about her experience as Nicki’s mentor…

What adjectives would you use to describe Nicki?
Multi-faceted, supportive, amiable, curious, strong willed, observant, smart.
How have you seen your mentee grow as a result of the program?
Nicki has moved from finishing her bachelor’s degree to starting her Masters’ program while I’ve been her mentor. She’s also working full time. I’ve seen her work hard to learn Cleveland and explore the range of organizations and issues here so they she can determine what she wants to do professionally going forward.
What has been your favorite event so far? Why?
Nicki attended the annual out of school time symposium in November where over 300 people received training on the latest ways to support children and youth in the after-school space. She was able to learn all about how nonprofits support young people especially through the pandemic.
What have you learned about yourself after being a mentor?
That I like providing information to others to help them make sense of the work world. And that I wish I had had mentors earlier in my life.
Why is a mentor/mentee relationship valuable to you?
It’s important to support those coming behind you and it’s important to form friendships across generations.
What advice do you have for current mentees/mentors or folks who will be a part of the program in the future?
Cleveland is a big small town. It’s valuable to make friends of and support young people coming up in the city.
Anything else you want to include?
The CSU Levin College mentoring program is a wonderful legacy program that supports our region by connecting young and new professionals with seasoned ones.
Here is what Nicki had to say about her experience as Dale’s mentee…
What adjectives would you use to describe Ms. Anglin?
Dale is supportive, focused, inclusive, and thoughtful. It's been such a treat to observe her actions over the last few months, her focus is always on the community.
What's one thing you learned about your mentor’s role that you didn't know prior to the program?
I had no idea how incredibly expansive her role as the Vice President of Programs at the Cleveland Foundation is. Due to her supervision of the program teams that focus on youth, health and human services, education, criminal justice, racial equity, and leadership development, I can ask her questions about many facets of nonprofit work.
What has been your favorite event so far? Why? Or, what event are you looking forward to the most and why?
All of the events have been great, but I loved the kick-off event because seeing all the mentors and students in one room together created such a supportive atmosphere. I am looking forward to the Resume Review as I always enjoy feedback from professionals in the community.
What skills have you learned, sharpened, or improved upon while in the program?
I'm getting better at accepting invitations into new spaces and stepping outside my comfort zone. Dale has extended invitations to meetings, speeches, and conferences. Each time I've attended something, I've learned more about Cleveland, the nonprofit landscape and met incredible local professionals.
What did you learn about yourself?
My journey as an adult learner has value, and my previous experiences as a military spouse (now retired) are valuable and can be utilized in my professional future.
How did you bridge your coursework with your experience in the mentoring program?
Last semester I was taking UST 433 and UST 456 the concept and skills we addressed were beneficial, and I saw them being used in the meetings and workshops I observed.
What advice do you have for current mentees or students who will be a part of the program in the future?
Accept all the opportunities that are offered. Each event, whether with your mentor or the program as a whole, will introduce you to local organizations and professionals that are more than willing to connect and answer questions.
Anything else you want to include?
My experiences within Levin College and the opportunities I had in undergrad (like the Mentoring Program) spurred me to begin my MPA immediately. I can't say enough about the support and programs provided to me, an adult learner, on my journey!