CEPA Founding Faculty Research Day

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Levin College of Public Affairs and Education
Date: September 9 @ 1 PM
Location: Steinbacher Atrium, Urban Building
The Levin College of Public Affairs and Education will hold its Founding Faculty Research Showcase on September 9th.


• Full Paper Presentations by Award Winners
• Recognition of publications in past 36 months
• Get to know new colleagues
• Happy hour to follow 

Paper Selection Criteria

Papers are eligible for submission if they have been published in the past 36 months (with a preference for newer papers). A publication may have occurred in a peer-reviewed journal, CSU’s Engaged Scholarship, policy briefs, or other related outlets that would accrue academic “credit” toward promotion, tenure, or workload. Papers can be submitted to multiple categories.

All papers not selected for presentation will be considered for Honorable Mention.

Submission: Please submit the paper, its citation, and a separate Word file that provides a description of how the paper meets the criteria. The description should not exceed 500 words.


Overall Best Paper Award

Chosen from among the other four categories by the selection committee—to be announced at the end of the presentations.

Most Impactful for Policy, Practice, or Community Change

  • The research has resulted in change in policies or professional practices and/or a reformulation of the problem to advance further research.
  • Employed methodologies creatively and/or strategically in action research design
  • Significance/magnitude of the change in policy, practice, or problem reformulation (small amount/moderate/significant change)
  • The work has unsettled existing practices, identified a problem source, generated momentum in addressing the problem, produced community/practitioner participation in change (evidence might include news coverage, video excerpts, testimony by stakeholders/practitioners, outcome measures, photos of before/after change, maps, timelines, audience size, etc…)

Most Impactful for Knowledge-Building/Theory

  • The research has resulted in a reformulation of the problem to advance further research
  • The research advances theoretical or methodological issues significantly in a research area
  • The research is noteworthy through its strategic inclusion -- such as inclusion in a journal theme issue representing advancements in the research area
  • The work has generated a paradigm shift in how a social problem or public issue is understood, has brought a previously unrecognized issue to light, or has added new and influential concepts to the existing body of scholarship, as shown by journal or press selectivity and citations.

Best Student-Engaged Research

  • Student co-authors (please provide student names and program areas)
  • Student leadership in data collection
  • The research built on a class project or from student-instructor connections that began with coursework
  • Quality of the research: publication outlet, peer reviewed, journal ranking, etc.
  • This category does not consider dissertations that faculty members have co-authored publications from.

Exemplary Interdisciplinary Research

  • Research that involves co-authors primarily affiliated with degree programs in distinct, different fields (identify fields)
  • Research that successfully merges multiple fields to discover new insights (identify the multiple fields)
  • Published in a journal dedicated to interdisciplinarity and/or published as interdisciplinary research within a disciplinary journal that recognizes interdisciplinary work
  • Quality of the research: publication outlet, peer reviewed, journal ranking, etc.

Review Committee Members

  • Joanna Ganning
  • Anne Galletta
  • Fred Hampton
  • Linda Francis
  • Rick Perloff