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Water Photo Contest GALLERY

Winner Water Photo Contest:

Alexander_Philip_thumbnail_2Photo Title: Cold Winter Sunrise by Lake Erie
Name of Contestant: Alexander Philip
Photo Description: Lake Erie is a main source of our drinking water in Cleveland and endless outdoor recreation opportunities.
Photo Location: Edgewater

Runners Up Water Photo Contest:

Alexander_Philip_thumbnail_1Photo Title: Beautiful Sunrise at LaDue Reservoir
Name of Contestant: Alexander Philip
Photo Description: LaDue Reservoir is one of the source of water supply and provides with many outdoor opportunities including fishing.
Photo Location: LaDue Reservoir
DinahSammon_Thumbnail_1Photo Title: Man Made Body of Water
Name of Contestant: Dinah Sammon
Photo Description: As she stairs out towards the water, she realizes that this is yet another "man made body of water."  Yes, this is not part of the natural world, but has arisen from human origin.  She ponders, as the water continues to flow downstream, that it will likely turn into to a dwindling creek.  However, this water will more likely end up inside a cup held up by her fragile human hand.  This water will eventually become the quench to her thirst and the replenish to her dried out cells.  This water is the single thing that will keep her along with every other human alive on Earth.  We consume it, and it inevitably becomes a part of our bodies.  It is the essence of our being.
Photo Location: Gorge Metropark

Contest Entries:

GrahamBeck_Thumbanil_1Photo Title: Depths
Name of Contestant: Graham Beck
Photo Description: I have always had a great fear of large bodies of water growing up and even now. In seeing how the water by Heritage Park was moving and playing with the light, not only played to those fears but I felt the sense of how powerful water can be and ultimately how important it is at the same time.
Photo Location: Heritage Park, Cleveland
Photo Title: Patterns On The Surface
Name of Contestant: Graham Beck
Photo Description: A person can spend hours staring at the same spot of water because of how different it is at any given moment. Water has no form and this photo shows the art that can be found within our water, giving it an almost playful quality to it.
Photo Location: E.55th Marina, Cleveland
Sharon_Bliss_Thumbnail_1Photo Title: Ducks Walking on Water
Name of Contestant:
 Sharon Bliss
Photo Description: People in northeastern Ohio have enjoyed uncharacteristically warm weather this winter. While we may enjoy the lack of snow and not having to wear hats, gloves, boots and other winter gear every day- how are Ohio's wildlife coping with the changes in temperature?
Photo Location: Horseshoe Lake Park- Shaker Heights
Sharon_Bliss_thumbnail_2Photo Title: This is Winter?
Name of Contestant: Sharon Bliss
Photo Description: Due to the incredibly warm winter in northeastern Ohio, people and wildlife alike are enjoying the higher temperatures. Horseshoe Lake is only partially frozen, so ducks and geese are able to enjoy the water.
Photo Location: Horseshoe Lake Park- Shaker Heights
DanielDeRosha_Thumbnail_1Photo Title: Lucy and the Garden Hose
Name of Contestant: Daniel DeRosha
Photo Description: What water means to me in this photo is spending time on a warm afternoon playing with our furry children. Both our dogs love to play in the water and with the hose in particular. Once the weather warms up, we get the kiddie pool out for them to splash in, and they get to play with the hose. They're just like little kids the way they get so excited to play in the water. As our own son is too old to play with his parents these days, we try to play with our adopted fur kids as often as possible.
Photo Location: Backyard -Medina, Ohio
Photo Title: Waiting for Breakfast
Name of Contestant: Daniel DeRosha
Photo Description: In this photo, water means life: Life for the great blue heron, life for the fish he's looking to eat, life for the insects that are eaten by the fish, life for the green plants reflected on the lake's surface. There is such an abundance of life near water because we all need it. I'm drawn to bodies of water, whether to photograph or to run along, because they are full of life and remind me that this world is bigger than me and whatever problem I'm worrying about that day.
Photo Location: Hinckley Lake
AG_ThumbnailPhoto Title: Progress & Prosperity
Name of Contestant: Alex Gauding
Photo Description: This is a panorama I took last summer from the top of the lighthouse at the abandoned Coast Guard station on Whiskey Island. Sitting at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River where it meets Lake Erie, Whiskey Island juxtaposes itself with the most important aquatic location in Northeast Ohio. I particularly enjoy how the buildings of the Cleveland skyline are shifted into the background, while the more important, more powerful natural resources occupy the foreground.
Photo Location: Whiskey Island Coast Guard Station
Photo Title: Lake Erie 
Name of Contestant: Kathleen Graham
Photo Description: This photograph represents my childhood spent frolicking in Lake Erie @ Arcadia Beach Club in Euclid, Ohio.
Photo Location: Arcadia Beach Club - Euclid, Ohio
Photo Title: Pacific Ocean 
Name of Contestant: Kathleen Graham
Photo Description: This photograph was taken the day before my niece was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.  It represents the beginning of a new generation of my family.
Photo Location: Waikiki Beach -Honolulu, Hawaii
Lindsey_Johnson_Thumbnail_1Photo Title: Serenity
Name of Contestant:
Lindsey Johnson
Photo Description: Water is a healing element in which I find inner peace and meditation. Capturing a beautiful sunset reflecting off the water is a way to step away from the rush of reality, in that moment I feel at ease.
Photo Location: Edgewater Beach
Lindsey_Johnson_Thumbnail_2Photo Title: Waves
Name of Contestant:
Lindsey Johnson
Photo Description: The sound of each wave bellowing forward relaxes me as it over powers the loudness of the city. Burying my feet into the sand, I escape.
Photo Location: Edgewater Beach
DinahSammon_Thumbnail_2Photo Title : More Than What Meets the Surface
Name of Contestant: Dinah Sammon
Photo Description: Day in and day out, this dolphin trainer comes face to face with one of the most beloved, iconic, friendly and majestic creatures of the sea.  Although it may be hard to fathom that humans do share some characteristics with the remainder of the animal kingdom, we share a beautiful commonality with our friends under the sea.  Sea creatures, along
with humans require water to survive.  However, dolphins are not the typical sea creatures as they are mammals just like you and I.  Our bodies use water in a very similar way that dolphins do.  Humans require water to replenish their dried cells.  Dolphins need water in order to keep their bodies from drying out.  The dolphin and the dolphin trainer have much more in common than you may be inclined to believe, including this vital need for the same water.
Photo Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
SuzanneSharpe_thumbnail_1Photo Title: All Season Vitality
Name of Contestant:
 Suzanne Sharpe
Photo Description: Lake Erie, much like the skylined city of Cleveland, is vital every day, every season.  Despite the ice of winter and the frozen waves, water is alive underneath.
Photo Location: Timberlake, Ohio
SuzanneSharpe_thumbnail_2Photo Title: Irrepressible Life
Name of Contestant: Suzanne Sharpe
Photo Description: The changing waters of Lake Erie cannot be goes on; even as the winter ice builds and breaks, it is home to adverse, flexible beings!
Photo Location: Timberlake, Ohio
LionelSmith_Thumbnail_1Photo Title: The Great (Lakes) Plunge
Name of Contestant: Lionel Smith
Photo Description: This photo speaks to the multi-faceted quality of Niagara Falls to residents of Western New York and also the larger Great Lakes region. On one hand, it is the flagship local entertainment attraction, but on the other, it is a symbol of the enormity and interconnected nature of the entire Great Lakes waterway and ecosystem. As a native of Buffalo, NY, an alumnus of the Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs, and a former resident of Niagara Falls, NY, I have a deep appreciation for the Great Lakes, particularly its centrality to the historic and future economic vitality of the entire region.
Photo Location: Luna Island, Niagara Falls State Park, Niagara Falls, NY
Amanda_Vargo_Thumbnail_1Photo Title: Summer on the Cuyahoga
Name of Contestant:
Amanda Vargo
Photo Description: This photo was fittingly taken at the closing ceremony of the Summer on the Cuyahoga Internship program. For us interns, many of whom had never been to Cleveland before, the winding Cuyahoga River represented fast-friendships, countless adventures, and new discoveries at ever turn. A native Clevelander myself, I walked away from this summer feeling more love and appreciation for my city than ever before. When the sun set that day both on the Cuyahoga River and my incredible summer experience, I couldn't help but snap the photo and reflect on the countless memories created along the beaches, river, and lake. Water brings people together in all sorts of ways and such a positive reflection of Cleveland would not be possible without the continued protection and advancement of our many waterways.
Photo Location: Music Box Supper Club, Cuyahoga River
Lauren_Vargo_Thumbnail_1Photo Title: A Warm Winter Day in CLE
Name of Contestant:
Lauren Vargo
Photo Description: Cleveland benefits in multiple ways from its proximity to Lake Erie. This photo is a panorama of the lake where you can admire the vast amount of water and how it interacts with the physical land.
Photo Location: On the penthouse of the Ernst & Young building (the flats)
PhoRob_Ziol_Thumbnail_1to Title: Boston Harbor
Name of Contestant:
Rob Ziol
Photo Description: Water means life.... It not only is necessary to sustain life, but also provides a source of employment, gathering place for tourists, port of call for shipping and logistics, etc...
Photo Location: Boston Harbor