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Featured Courses
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Fall 2023

UST493/593UST493/593 Food Policy and Foody Systems 
3 Credit Hours | In-Person Course
Dr. B.J. Fletcher
Arts and Humanities General Education Elective

This course is focused on gaining a working knowledge of food policy in the United States and Globally. This course will help students establish a basic understanding of food systems and give students the skills to assess  policy and programs that impacts food.

Summer 2023

UST 201UST 201: Building Cleveland Architecture, Planning & Society
3 Credit Hours | Online Course
Dr. Stephanie Ryberg-Webster
Arts and Humanities General Education Elective

This course focuses on the history of architecture and urban form in Cleveland. Once one of the nation’s largest cities and industrial powerhouses, the built environment of Cleveland provides us with tangible evidence of the city’s settlement, growth, and ultimate decline. This survey course introduces students to major movements in U.S. architecture and urban form, as manifested in Cleveland and its environs.

  • This course is open to all CSU students.
  • Students can email Dr. Ryberg-Webster at s.ryberg@csuohio.edu for more information.