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Demand for new teachers of Chinese Language - All CSU’s New Chinese Language Teachers Find Immediate Employment

Originally posted on October 17, 2012

Dr. Wang and Cohort Members

Demand for new teachers of Chinese Language
The first cohort of 13 students graduated from CSU’s new Chinese Language Teaching Licensure Master’s Degree program in May 2012. Demand for these new teachers of Chinese from Ohio’s schools (and even from other states) has been heavy.

With the exception of one student with a brand-new baby (who is not currently seeking employment) all of the graduates have secured full-time employment teaching Chinese.

More students are currently in the pipeline with equally good job prospects. CSU has an excellent program in this area that is responding directly to an area of need expressed by the schools and is rapidly developing a national reputation.

For more information about the program, please contact Dr. Lih-Ching Chen Wang, Coordinator of the Chinese Language Teaching Licensure Program. Email:; phone: (216) 687-4595.