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Dr. Ronnie Dunn Discusses Police-Community Relations and Best Practices with News 5 Cleveland

Dr. Ronnie A. Dunn, Associate Professor and Executive Director of the Diversity Institute at Levin, was recently interviewed in a News 5 Cleveland article, “Cleveland company coaches police departments on customer service.” Dr. Dunn is an expert on police-community relations, and in 2007, his research found officer demeanor was a top complaint to Cleveland’s Civilian Review Board.

“There's research that shows when people are treated in a manner that they consider to be fair and where they're heard and respected, they are more willing to accept even negative outcomes,” Dr. Dunn shared with News 5. “So even negative interactions with the police or the criminal justice system are more well received when a person is treated with dignity and respect.

He applauded the efforts to include customer service skills in police training, calling it a step toward building bridges.

“This is how you begin to build and lay that foundation to improve that relationship. And it's about building mutual respect, and then trust,” he said.

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