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The Economic Consequences of the East Palestine Train Derailment

Levin’s Center for Economic Development at Cleveland State University, in partnership with the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, is engaged in an ongoing effort to track the economic consequences of the Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, on the evening of February 3, 2023.  

According to the abstract, this initial report focuses strictly on effects felt throughout the city of East Palestine, with special attention paid to the evacuation area, and covers the period from the date of the derailment until two weeks afterward (through February 17, 2023). This period coincides with the mandatory evacuation time ordered by the office of Governor Mike DeWine and serves to frame the early economic impacts on the community. 

The results will show conservative estimations and act as a starting point for understanding the extent of the economic impact of the derailment on the people of East Palestine. This will be the first in a series of reports examining the immediate economic impact of the train derailment and mitigation of derailment consequences using public and private assistance. This report aims to bring attention to the magnitude of economic losses suffered by the community and the response needed from the government, first responders, and the company to compensate for those damages and provide the appropriate remediation services. 

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