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Economic Impact Of The Transportation Research Center Inc. On Central Ohio And The State Of Ohio

Levin’s Center for Economic Development (CED) has released a report, Economic Impact of the Transportation Research Center Inc. on Central Ohio and the State of Ohio. The study found that the Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC), with its 4,500-acre testing facility and expert technical team, created more than $127 million total in economic output in 2019 and supported over 670 total jobs with almost $36 million in wages and benefits throughout Ohio. Further, testing and research on behalf of TRC clients, including many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and systems innovators, generated more than $1.3 million in taxes to local government entities, $1.3 million to the state government, and $2.3 million to the federal government. An additional $67.5 million in economic activity in the state was generated from 2011 to 2019 through multiple construction projects that expanded facilities on TRC’s campus.

Authors of the report include Dr. Iryna V. Lendel, Research Associate Professor and Director of the CED, Matthew B. Ellerbrock (MA ’20), and Scott Corsi, PhD student at Levin. The CED has served as a designated Economic Development Administration (EDA) University Center since 1985.

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