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In Tribute Event Honoring Robert P. Madison: 1/7/2015

In Tribute to the Public Service Scholarship and Award Event Honoring Robert P. Madison: 1/7/2015

Robert P. Madison, a native Clevelander, has played a critical role in our city’s civic life. A true pioneer, he was the first African American to receive an architectural degree in Ohio, and in 1954 founded Robert P. Madison International, the first black owned architectural firm in the Midwest. He has made as many contributions to greater Cleveland’s physical environment as he has to our civic involvement, serving as the local architect of record of many of our key buildings. Please join us as we salute Mr. Madison for his unique and outstanding public service, while supporting scholarships for students attending the Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs of Urban Affairs who aspire to careers in public service.

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