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Investing in the Middle

Molly Schnoke, Director of the Center for Economic Development at the Levin College, has published a report, Investing in the Middle. According to the abstract, Middle Neighborhoods (MNs) are generally recognized for their safety, stability, and affordability for residents. They also provide an important opportunity to give lower-income populations access to affordable housing and an overall higher quality of life, but the number of MNs is declining throughout the U.S. Recognizing these opportunities and challenges regarding MNs, the research team set out to fill in the existing knowledge gaps about which public policies and programmatic activities are effective at 1) stabilizing MNs and 2) providing equitable access for lower-income and marginalized populations to join and stay in MNs.

This report is the culmination of a two-year, $250,000 research project funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) as a part of RWJF's "Policies for Action: Research on Housing Policies That Promote Equity" program. Through their findings, the research team aims to inform the work of policymakers, funders, and community development practitioners across America's industrial heartland.

Schnoke, Molly; Yochum, Jack; Driscoll, Shannon; and Flanigan, James, "Investing in the Middle" (2023). All Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs Publications. 0 1 2 3 1807.