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Levin Launches Diversity Leadership and Change Management Graduate Programs

The Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs is pleased to announce a new, multidisciplinary Diversity Leadership and Change Management (DLCM) track within our Master of Science in Urban Studies program, beginning fall 2021. The DLCM track trains students in leadership practices that foster inclusivity and promote the wealth of opportunities, benefits, and outcomes realized through diversity. The College will also offer a Graduate Certificate in Diversity Leadership and Change Management for students who wish to supplement their major area of study by earning a certificate rather than pursuing a Master’s degree. Appropriate for practitioners of all stages in their careers, our DLCM programs guide students through practical experiences, self-reflection, and research theory. Students will learn to coach and lead individuals, teams, and organizations through change initiatives as they grow into culturally competent leaders equipped with the tools to enact change.