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Meet Alivia Wheeler 

Alivia WheelerAlivia Wheeler is an undergraduate student majoring in Criminology and Psychology at the Levin College of Public Affairs and Education. Alivia has always had an interest in crime, the origins of crime, the psychology of criminal behavior, and the environmental factors that contribute to criminality. Her curiosity and desire to learn are married to her desire to help find solutions to crime and the victimization that both precedes and follows it. She credits faculty in her department, like Dr. Meghan Novisky, for inspiring her passion to serve others, especially those who are disadvantaged. 

The Levin College has given Alivia the opportunity to engage her learning through an internship at Passages, Inc. Passages offers programming and services designed to remove barriers and improve the quality of life for families through parenting classes and support groups, workforce development, guidance on child support, reentry programs, and more. Alivia has enjoyed being a part of the powerful work done there and aspires to a career that is just as rewarding following graduation. Her coursework and relationships at Levin have prepared her well as she navigates the transition from student to professional within the fields of criminology and psychology. 

As Alivia reflects on her time at Levin, she says that she would have encouraged her “freshman self” to take advantage of all the opportunities the College has to offer outside of the classroom. Her major has helped her to discover more about herself and her career interests, while introducing her to diverse people and their stories. Alivia is proud of what she has accomplished in the classroom but has grown to appreciate the impact and impression of lifelong connections and relationships all the more.