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Meet Deandre Patrick, Communication Student at Levin

Deandre PatrickDeandre Patrick is a gifted storyteller and avid sports fan who has always dreamed of combining these two passions. His fascination with sport and story led him to Cleveland State University (CSU) where he will soon graduate with a BA in Journalism and Promotional Communication from the Levin College of Public Affairs and Education’s School of Communication. With a major in promotional communication and minor in digital content production, Deandre hopes to graduate and find a career path in professional sports, while also supporting his neighbors through vocational ministry. And he is well on his way to this dream, as he currently works for the Cleveland Cavaliers as a Content Creator, and serves on the ministry team of his church. Deandre is also an intern at CSU, working in photography and video production.

An education from Cleveland State does more than provide students like Deandre with knowledge, it also serves as a platform for pursuing career and life goals beyond the classroom. When asked about experiences that have helped him during his time at CSU, Deandre shared, “CSU has provided networking opportunities that I definitely would not have gotten outside of this environment.” He continued to reassert the value of networking when he added, “I [have] learned three keys to success [at CSU]: Networking; being willing to try new things; and being okay with failure.” Deandre’s mindset and courage are the insignias of student success and what it means to be a Viking. To say that the sky is the limit for Deandre would be an understatement.