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A new book is co-authored by Dr. Robert Simons

Retired, Rehabbed, Reborn
Levin Professor Dr. Robert Simons' new book Retired, Rehabbed, Reborn: The Adaptive Reuse of America’s Derelict Religious Buildings and Schools is now available from The Kent State University Press.

Each year in the United States, hundreds of religious buildings and schools become vacant or underutilized as congregations and populations merge, move or diminish. These structures are often well located, attractive, eligible for tax credits, and available for redevelopment. In a practical and innovative handbook, authors Robert Simons, Gary DeWine, and Larry Ledebur have compiled a step-by-step guide - Retired, Rehabbed, Reborn: The Adaptive Reuse of Americas' Derelict Religious Buildings and Schools - for finding sustainable new uses for vacant structures. The reuse of these buildings offers those charged with revitalizing them an opportunity to capture their embodied energy, preserve local beloved landmarks, and boost sustainability. Rehabbing also allows developers to recoup some value from these assets, while neighbors and other stakeholders enjoy benefits as the historic structures are retained and the urban fabric of communities is preserved. Retired, Rehabbed, Reborn features 10 in-depth case studies of adaptive reuse outcomes for religious buildings and public schools that have achieved varying degrees of success. Several case vignettes appear within various chapters to illustrate specific points. The book is a useful tool for architects, planners, developers, and others interested in reusing these important structures.