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Professor Hampton Presents on “The Seven Secrets of Successful Urban Students"

In October 2022, Professor Frederick Hampton presented on ”The Seven Secrets of Successful Urban Students: The Evidence Continues to Grow.” The session, which was featured as part of the Ohio Department of Education’s “Academic for All Conference,” pointed to the results of a qualitative study of 157 Cleveland area urban students grades 4 to 10. The presentation examined the academic achievement of African-American students living in urban communities, and found that when seven specific attitudes, behaviors, and skills are present, above average academic achievement is likely to result for these students. The seven characteristics include: self-respect, command of standard English, goal setting ability, self-motivation, time management skills, consequence awareness, and respect for others. This research further determined that when African-American students from urban communities demonstrate these characteristics, they also share in greater responsibility for their own learning. Dr. Hampton, Interim Department Chair for School Administration, Counseling, and Adult Professional Higher Education, concludes that there may be less of an “achievement gap” for African-American students and rather a gap in attitudes, behaviors, and skills that lead to academic achievement.  

Watch Dr. Hampton’s presentation here. »