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COVID-19 Impact on the Economic Vitality Index of Ohio’s 88 Counties

Levin’s Center for Economic Development (CED) has released a report, COVID-19 Impact on the Economic Vitality Index of Ohio’s 88 Counties. The brief illustrates the results of the updated 2020 Economic Vitality Index (EVI) to understand the overall economic impact of the pandemic, including the role of the economic stimulus packages and related policy responses. This update of the 2019 EVI shows how Ohio’s eighty-eight counties have been affected by COVID-19. Authors of the report include Dr. Iryna V. Lendel, Research Associate Professor and Director of the CED, PhD student Georgina Guadalupe Figueroa (MUPDD ’14), Dr. Iryna Demko, Research Associate, and Jack Yochum, Research Assistant. The CED has served as a designated Economic Development Administration (EDA) University Center since 1985.

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