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Publication Spotlight: 2/2016

Take a look at a recent Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs publication:

The Fifth Migration: A Study of Cleveland Millennials by Richey Piiparinen, Jim Russell, and Charlie Post

Document Type: Report
Publication Date: January 2016
Many studies and reports about the “millennial” generation have been conducted at the national level in the past few years. However, little has been done to look at the effects the members of this generation have at the local level. Framed in what has been termed “the fifth migration” or “re-urbanization” this project looks at trends surrounding the millennial generation both nationally and locally. This project not only examines where young people are living, but also dives into trends and changes surrounding mobility, housing, public transit, civic engagement, the changing workplace, and the sharing economy. Across these topics this project explores issues of equity and access by studying the opportunities and gaps in each area by breaking data down by income, education level, race, and gender when possible.
Piiparinen, Richey; Russell, Jim; and Post, Charlie, "The Fifth Migration: A Study of Cleveland Millennials" (2016). Urban Publications. Paper 1338.