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Publication Spotlight: 9/2015

Take a look at a recent Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs publication:

Mapping Adult Migration in Cleveland, Ohio by Richey Piiparinen, Jim Russell, and Eamon Johnson

Document Type: Report
Publication Date: June 2015
Abstract: “It is evident that each great movement of population, in sum, presents a new opportunity and a new task, and wisdom consists in taking advantage of the movement while it is still fluid.”—Lewis Mumford.
If a city’s geography is “the body”, migration is “the blood”. Where people migrate (or don’t) affects not only the demographics and economics of a city, but also a city’s “network”—described here as the extent individuals and communities are either integrated (into) or isolated (from) forces of globalization that are reshaping the American landscape, particularly the nation’s urban cores.
No doubt, America’s urban cores are places of increasing in-migration and reinvestment. This infill into the core has recently been termed the “fifth migration” by urban scholars. To put this in context, the “first migration” was the pioneers that settled North America; the “second migration” from farms to the factory towns; the “third migration” to the great metropolitan centers like Cleveland; and the “fourth migration” to the suburbs of these centers. The “fifth migration”—which will significantly affect the City of Cleveland’s landscape going forward—is a ‘reurbanizing” countermovement to decentralization, particularly for younger, college-educated adults.
Details of the “fifth migration” will be discussed in this report. In all, the subsequent mapping of demographics and migration will prove informative to local policy, with ramifications in housing, transportation, education, and economics. Consider this analysis a first foray into further analyses focusing on how Cleveland’s migration patterns affects each of these domains.
Repository Citation: Piiparinen, Richey; Russell, Jim; and Johnson, Eamon, "Mapping Adult Migration in Cleveland, Ohio" (2015). Urban Publications. Paper 1300.