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Levin Senior Fellow Writes over 100 Plain Dealer Op-Eds for the Plain Dealer /

Dr. Tom Bier, senior fellow at the Levin College of Public Affairs and Education, has recently published a book containing 100 op-eds that were published in The Plain Dealer over nearly 50 years. The book, titled "The Way We Are: 100 Plain Dealer Op-eds," is available for free download exclusively from EngagedScholarship @ Cleveland State University.

The op-eds were written by Dr. Bier and published between 1977 and 2022, and mostly concern current events and issues in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio communities. The topics covered in the articles are varied, ranging from local history to the impact of public policies on communities, to the location of a new baseball stadium.  

Dr. Bier was the director of the Cleveland State University’s Center for Housing Research and Policy from 1982 until his retirement in 2003. His research focused on regional housing dynamics, population movements, and the effects of government policies on cities. He worked with local governments and community organizations to implement strategies for housing improvement and was instrumental in the development of the "first suburbs" or inner-ring suburbs movement.  

Chris Quinn, Editor of Plain Dealer, recently highlighted Dr. Bier's book, in his Column: How to be king of Cleveland engagement? Set aside 45 years. Write 100 op-eds: Letter from the Editor. In the column, Quinn shares “Tom’s op-eds were grist for many conversations over the years in government halls and across dining room tables. Sparking discussion is why we publish op-eds, but our Forum section does its job only if we receive quality submissions, like those from Tom.