Levin School Office of Student and Enrollment Services


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Students should meet with the undergraduate or graduate advisor to map a course of study and learn about other services available to Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs students. All students admitted into a graduate program should meet with the appropriate program director to map out a plan of study.

Advising services include assistance with:

Undergraduate Students:

Virtual drop-in advising for spring 2023 is available January 9-20!  Visit https://levin.csuohio.edu/oses/undergraduate-remote-advising for details.

For undergraduate advising, contact Dr. Mary Myers
urbanadvising@csuohio.edu, 216.687.2138.

Schedule an appointment with your advisor online via Starfish! Or, for assistance scheduling an appointment, contact us at 216-687-3884 or levinstudentservices@csuohio.edu.

Students pursuing an Urban Affairs undergraduate certificate should complete this form.

Undergraduate Program Director:
For academic issues, contact Ms. Win Weizer
w.weizer@csuohio.edu, UR 216, 216.523.7574

Graduate Students:


  • Advising and Course Registration
  • Non-degree seeking graduate students
  • Students admitted with “requirements” on their admission letter
  • Petitions, problems, and graduation applications

Contact: Dave Arrighi
d.arrighi@csuohio.edu, or 216.523.7522

Graduate Program Directors:

Master of Arts in Environmental Studies
Dr. Meghan Rubado
Email: m.rubado@csuohio.edu, UR 321, 687-2241

Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership
Dr. Clayton Wukich (Interim)
r.wukich@csuohio.edu, UR 349, 216.687.6941

Master of Public Administration
Dr. Clayton Wukich
r.wukich@csuohio.edu, UR 349, 216.687.6941

Master of Science in Urban Studies
Dr. Meghan Rubado
Email: m.rubado@csuohio.edu, UR 321, 687-2241

Master of Urban Planning and Development
Dr. Joanna Ganning
j.ganning@csuohio.edu, UR 222, 216.687.2221

Ph.D. in Urban Studies and Public Affairs
Dr. Megan Hatch
m.e.hatch@csuohio.edu, UR 316, 216.687.5597