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Public Affairs Student Services Center

Campus Location: Glickman-Miller Hall (Urban Building), Room 205
1717 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Phone: 216-687-3884 | passc@csuohio.edu  
Public Affairs Student Services Center

Undergraduate Advising
Dr. Mary Myers, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
(Urban Affairs, Communication Studies)

UR 210 | 216-687-2138 | m.c.myers@csuohio.edu or urbanadvising@csuohio.edu

Dr. Kristen Blazek, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
(Criminology, Journalism and Promotional Communication, Sociology)
UR 212 | 216-687-4506 | k.blazek@csuohio.edu

  • Schedule advising appointments in Starfish - click on the blue star in CampusNet under the Student tab
  • Undergraduate degree, minor, and certificate program advising
  • College-to-college transfer and major changes

Undergraduate Faculty Advising - refer to Academic Program Director information, below.

  • Academic issues and appeals
  • Honors and individualized track advising

Graduate Advising
Dave Arrighi, Graduate Programs Coordinator (Urban Affairs Graduate Programs)
UR 209 | 216-523-7522 | d.arrighi@csuohio.edu

  • Prospective student inquiries
  • Information on graduate programs
  • Admission requirements and application status
  • Graduate advising and registration
  • Petitions and problems
  • Graduation status
  • Graduate Assistantship applications

School of Communication - Master of Applied Communication Theory and Methodology

Department of Criminology and Sociology - Master of Arts in Applied Social Research

For Other Student Questions and Concerns:
Rachel Singer, Assistant Dean for Student Services
UR 208 | 216-687-2034 | r.g.singer88@csuohio.edu

Academic Program Directors

Undergraduate Programs

School of Communication

Elizabeth Thomas, Assistant College Lecturer
Director of Journalism And Promotional Communication Major
216-687-4639 | E.A.THOMAS88@csuohio.edu 

Elizabeth PaskAssociate Professor
Communication Studies Major Director and Director of Internships
216-687-6921 | E.PASK@csuohio.edu

Department of Criminology and Sociology
Criminology Co-Directors
Nicole Hanna, Associate College Lecturer
Co-Director of Criminology (Students with last names A-M)
216-687-4507 | n.mcelroy@csuohio.edu

Meghan A. NoviskyAssistant Professor
Co-Director of Criminology (Students with last names N-Z)
216-687-4554 | m.novisky@csuohio.edu

Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs
Program Director for Urban and Regional Studies, Economic Development, Environmental Studies, Nonprofit Administration, Organizational Leadership, and Public Safety Management
Winifred Weizer, Associate College Lecturer, Undergraduate Program Director
Room 216 | 216-523-7574 | w.weizer@csuohio.edu

Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Environmental Studies
Meghan Rubado
Room 321 | 216-687-2241 | m.rubado@csuohio.edu 

Master of Nonprofit Administration & Leadership
Clayton Wukich (Interim)
Room 349 | 216-802-3389 | r.wukich@csuohio.edu

Master of Public Administration
Clayton Wukich
Room 349 | 216-802-3389 | r.wukich@csuohio.edu

Master of Science in Urban Studies
Meghan Rubado
Room 321 | 216-687-2241 | m.rubado@csuohio.edu

Master of Urban Planning and Development
Wendy Kellogg
Room 308 | 216.687.5265 | w.kellogg@csuohio.edu

Ph.D. in Urban Studies & Public Affairs
Nicholas Zingale
Room 244 | 216.687.3509 | n.zingale@csuohio.edu

Dual Degree Faculty Advisor– JD/MA in Environmental Studies
Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
Room 130 – Law Building

Dual Degree Faculty Advisor – JD/MUPD and JD/MPA
Carole Heyward
LB 077| 216-687-5508| c.heyward@csuohio.edu

Certificate in Urban Geographic Information Systems
Beth Nagy
Room 224 | 216-875-9907 | b.a.nagy1@csuohio.edu

Certificate in Urban Real Estate Development & Finance
Robert Simons
Room 223 | 216-687-5258 | r.simons@csuohio.edu

Certificate in Urban Economic Development
Joanna Ganning
Room 222 | 216-687-2221 | j.ganning@csuohio.edu

Certificate in Nonprofit Management
Clayton Wukich (Interim)
Room 320 | 216-687-6941 | r.wukich@csuohio.edu

Certificate in Local and Urban Management
Clayton Wukich
Room 320| 216-687-6941 | r.wukich@csuohio.edu

Other Information and Contacts

Dean’s Office
Roland Anglin, Dean and Professor
Room 335 | 216-687-2135

School of Communication
Robert Whitbred, Director
216-687-4630 | communication@csuohio.edu

Department of Criminology and Sociology
Valerie Wright, Chair
216-687-4517 | crmsocdept@csuohio.edu

Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs
Robert Simons, Director
216-687-2136| r.simons@csuohio.edu

Urban Affairs Internships and Mentoring
Rob Ziol, Director, Center for Public and Nonprofit Management
216- 687-3509 | r.ziol@csuohio.edu
Alexandra Higl-Timms, Program Manager,
Center for Public and Nonprofit Management

216-875-9971 | a.higl@csuohio.edu

Credit for Prior Learning Experience (AAPLE)
AAPLE: Assessment and Accreditation of Prior Learning Experience

Ken Galla, AAPLE Coordinator and Instructor
216-523-7455 | ust190@csuohio.edu

Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs Scholarship Information
Scholarship and Financial Information

Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs Public Service Career Portal
Career Information

Student Organizations

CSU American Planning Association | csuapa@gmail.com

Lambda Pi Eta Honors Society (Communication)

Public Relations Student Society of America

Society of Professional Journalists

CSU Student Services and Resources

CSU Scholarship Information

Federal Financial Aid: fafsa.ed.gov

CSU Career Development and Exploration
Rhodes Tower West 280
Career Services

  • Career advising
  • Resume writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Internship opportunities and information

University Main Switchboard: 216-687-2000
Campus Closing Information: csuohio.edu

Bursar: BH 115
csuohio.edu/bursar | 216-687-5249

Campus411 All-in-1: BH 116
csuohio.edu/all-in-1 | 216-687-5411

  • Financial Aid
  • Registration assistance

Center for International Services and Programs
BH 412 | 216-687-3910
CISP | intlcenter@csuohio.edu

Center for E-Learning
csuohio.edu/elearning | 216-687-3960

  • Blackboard support
  • Distance-learning support

Student Computing Resources
Services for Students | 216-687-5050

Writing Center
Rhodes Tower Library 124
https://www.csuohio.edu/writing-center/writing-center | 216-687-6981

  • Writing Resources, Workshops, and Appointments

Academic Integrity Resources and Information

  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Academic Misconduct Process
  • Tips for Students
  • Policies and Procedures

Parking: Euclid Commons 160
https://www.csuohio.edu/parking | 216-687-2023

Campus Recreation Center
https://www.csuohio.edu/recreationcenter | 216-802-3200

Health & Wellness Services: IM 205
2112 Euclid Avenue, Rm 205
https://www.csuohio.edu/health | 216-687-3649

CSU Counseling Center: Union Building 220
https://www.csuohio.edu/counselingcenter | 216-687-2277

University Police: Campus Safety Building
https://csuohio.edu/offices/police | 216-687-2020

  • Emergencies: to report all campus emergencies (police, fire, medical, hazmat) dial 9-1-1 or 8-9-1-1 from any campus telephone.
  • Cell phone users should also dial 9-1-1 and ask the operator to connect you with CSU Police.