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Ohio Certified Public Manager (OCPM) Program

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Instructor Profile Series 

Meet Claire A. Scott Miller
President/Executive Coach, C. Scott Miller & Assoc.

Claire Scott Miller
​​​​​​​Tell us a little bit about C. Scott Miller & Assoc.
We provide leadership, team trainings, facilitations, team building, and retreats that result in improving organizational excellence. This is built around knowing how to build environments of hopefulness, engagement, and respect – allowing individuals to showcase their best selves.  

Tell us a little bit about what you do.
I have over 25 years of experience, and am a Board-Certified Coach. I train leaders at public and nonprofit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, healthcare organizations, consulting firms, and universities across the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East. I’ve also trained others through a certified coach training program. 

My training sessions include High-Impact Leadership, Communication & Presentation Skills, Developing Executive Presence, Leading High-Performing Teams, Leadership Skills for Women, Emotional Intelligence, Leading & Growing Through Change, Managing Energy and Increasing Resiliency, and more.

What Ohio CPM session do you facilitate? 
Effective Presentations (Public Management Academy)

Describe your teaching style. What sorts of activities do you incorporate during your sessions?
My sessions are energetic, interactive, and engaging. By working together, we can create an environment where we learn from one another. We also have fun with a variety of team activities, music, and YouTube clips. An emphasis is placed on the concept of “what’s in for you”, as well as learning skills and techniques that are immediately applicable at your agency (and perhaps in your personal life, too). 

What’s one lesson you hope participants walk away with?
We can have it all – but, perhaps not all at the same time. Think strategically (like a leader) throughout all aspects of your life. Create a life that you are hopeful and passionate about.

What’s the best piece of (professional development) advice someone has given you?
Bring out the best in yourself and in others. Don’t be afraid to stretch and grow. Be grateful and express appreciation to others. Realize you cannot control everything that happens (i.e. the events), but you can always control your attitude.

In your opinion, what does an effective public leader look like?
Good public leaders create hope. They use the skills, strengths, and experiences of their teammates to confront the challenges of a changing world. They care – valuing all of their people as unique individuals. 

Additionally, good public leaders are humble and lifelong learners. They know they do not have all the answers, but can draw on their teams and resources of the community, building coalitions.  

Why are professional development opportunities important?
In this changing world, leaders need to keep learning, building, and developing new relationships and skills – not simply to stay relevant, but to create thriving organizations.

In your opinion, what’s Ohio’s best-kept secret?
Our pride, work ethic, versatility, and the “we’re in this together” approach.

Anything else you’d like to share?
You do not need to have the title of a leader to think and act like a leader. Leaders have an “I can do it” attitude. They do not get stuck in negativity or politics. This is the time for people at every level to step up and let their unique selves shine.