Education and Human Services Centers

Grant Related Activities

The STEMM Education Center is poised to provide services to any STEM or STEAM Education Program on or off campus. We have more than12 years of experience with National Science Foundation (NSF) grants, U.S. Department of Education grants and foundation grants. These services include, but are not limited to: 

1. Program Coordination 

2. STEM Pedagogy Best Practices 

3. Evaluation Services 

4. Dissemination of Results through the Ohio STEM Learning Network.  

What we provide:

Coordination support for RE@CSU (an NSF funded SPELL OUT (REU) program)

CHAMPS (a foundation supported medical careers program)

CSforCLE work (supported by NSF and foundations). 

We provide STEM Pedagogy Best Practices for the CSforCLE work (supported by NSF and foundations) and Operation STEM (a formerly NSF funded program which has been institutionalized).

Evaluation Services are provided for (SPELL OURT RE@CSU (an NSF funded REU program) and Dr. Schearer’s NSF CAREER program. Assistance with dissemination is provided for all of the programs we support.