Education and Human Services Advising Office

Criminal Background Checking & Fingerprinting

Please note the process and availability of these services has changed. Read below to learn more about the new procedure.

Hours:  Monday-Friday
9am- 4:30pm by APPOINTMENT ONLY 
Julka Hall 170 

Fingerprinting Procedure

Need payment and ID to be fingerprinted.

  • ID can be Driver's license or State of Ohio ID
  • Cost is $30.00 each or $60.00 for both FBI & BCI. 

STEP 1: Make an Appointment

Please use the link below to choose your appointment time. Appointments are scheduled in 15 minute increments so please arrive on time.

STEP 2: Pay by credit card upon arrival in the ESSC

STEP 3: Results are available in 2-4 weeks. 

Fingerprinting is also available at outside locations if you are unable to come to the ESSC during open hours:
Visit to find an open fingerprint location near you. Results are usually back within 72 hours. **Before traveling to any location please call to verify they are providing fingerprinting services at this time. **.  Click here for BCI/FBI codes to use at outside locations. 

Who Needs Fingerprints

Field Placement Candidates

Prior to any field placement, students are required to provide a valid BCI & FBI background checks to the Office of Field Services (JH 187). Background checks are valid for one year from date of issuance.  Background checks need to be renewed at least 6 weeks before the expiration date. An expired background check will result in a removal from the field until the new checks have been received. All students should request a copy of the background checks for their own professional records. This can be obtained in person from the ESSC after checks have been completed.

First Ohio Licensure

When an individual submits an application for his/her first license, certificate or permit issued by the Ohio Department of Education, a BCI and FBI background check report, completed within 365 days of the date the application is received, must be on file at the Department of Education.

Renewals and Additional Licenses

If you have lived continuously in Ohio for the past 5 years, an FBI background check is required if the report on file with ODE is more than 5 years old at the date the application is received. A BCI background check is required if you do not have one on file with ODE.

If you have NOT lived continuously in Ohio for the past 5 years, both the BCI and FBI background checks are required if the reports on file with ODE are more than 5 years old on the date the application is received.