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Broadcasting comes to the School of Communication at CSU

The School of Communication and Classic Teleproductions Partner to Train Next Generation of Broadcast Professionals

Levin College of Public Affairs and Education’s School of Communication has partnered with Classic Teleproductions to provide students with unique opportunities to learn state of the art broadcast skills right here on the CSU campus. Classic Teleproductions is an Emmy Award winning industry leader in broadcast and video production, working with companies such as ABC, ESPN, FOX, PBS, and Spectrum News. Classic has equipped a previously dormant studio with state-of-the-art lighting, cameras, and studio furnishings. Every other week, the company brings to the CSU campus one of their four mobile trucks, staffed with experienced professionals.  

Already, CSU students have had invaluable experiences working with innovative technology from HD and cinema cameras to 30-foot jibs and a full-size Steadicam SK. More importantly, the students are working with and learning from Classic’s team of dedicated professionals, with a list that reads like a “Who’s Who” of the production and broadcast world. Any student interested in participating should contact the School of Communication at According to the School of Communication Director, Rob Whitbred, “Our plan for the following year is to both continue to provide great opportunities to interested students and pursue development of a minor in broadcasting.  We could not be doing this without the support of owner Michael Bacon and his team at Classic.” 

The current program the students help produce is called Cleveland Conversations, which is a live-to-tape television production, where university faculty, students, and community members are interviewed about issues of interest to Greater Cleveland and beyond. The goal of Cleveland Conversations is to provide meaningful information while exploring complex and challenging issues. The host, Armond Budish, is the Mandel Executive in Residence for Levin College and formerly served as the Cuyahoga County Executive. Topics discussed include the role of colleges and universities in workforce development, the use of technology to prevent and investigate crime, and the impacts of immigration.  

Cleveland Conversations will be distributed through public access television stations, social media channels (e.g., YouTube and Facebook), and other methods of digital distribution. It can currently be viewed on-demand on the Cleveland Conversations YouTube channel, and on Spectrum Channel 1021 at 8 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and 4 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Additional information on Cleveland Converstations can be found here. »