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Cleveland Conversations is being developed through collaboration between the School of Communication (part of the Levin College of Public Affairs and Education at Cleveland State University) and Classic Teleproductions. Cleveland Conversations informs about a wide range of topics of interest to the Greater Cleveland area and beyond. We do this by interviewing content experts from any background using a collaborative frame. Prior topics include the role of colleges and universities in workforce development, the use of technology to prevent and investigate crime, and the impacts of immigration. Our goal is to provide meaningful and interesting information. While we do not seek controversy, we do explore complex and challenging issues.

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Meet Our Host

Armond BudishArmond Budish is the Mandel Executive in Residence at the Levin College of Public Affairs and Education. He previously served as the Cuyahoga County Executive, the State Speaker of the House for Ohio, and served four terms as an Ohio State Representative from the 8th District. He also hosted a program titled Golden Opportunities on Cleveland NBC affiliate Channel 3, authored 4 books, wrote a newspaper column for The Plain Dealer for 24 years, and served as Contributing Editor for Family Circle Magazine and Modern Maturity (AARP).