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The Kids on Campus

The CSU campus is full of hidden gems.

Shining especially bright are the grade school and two high schools right on campus, the result of an innovative partnership between the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and Cleveland State University. And the education students are getting within those schools is as interesting and diverse as the campus and city around them.

The Levin College’s "Kids on Campus" story illuminates the significance and innovation behind having three Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) schools situated on the campus of Cleveland State University. This pioneering partnership between the university and the school district has not only brought education to the heart of the city but has also fostered a unique learning environment.

These schools, including Campus International, Campus International High School, and MC2STEM High School, offer a diverse and engaging educational experience. They emphasize critical thinking, preparing students for the ever-evolving job landscape. This initiative, rooted in the belief that higher and K-12 education were once disconnected, aims to bridge the gap and expose young Cleveland area students to the possibilities of higher education. Through this partnership, students can visualize themselves on a university campus from an early age, increasing the likelihood of pursuing higher education.

Despite challenges, such as the pandemic and administrative complexities, these schools continue to thrive, producing graduates who view school as a place to explore their passions and gain a broader understanding of the world. To truly grasp the essence of these schools, one must read about them in action.

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