Department of Criminology and Sociology



Criminology is the scientific study of criminal behavior. Criminologists conduct research on a variety of topics linked to criminal behavior, including how criminal activity is defined and measured, the causes of crime, the consequences of crime, and the impacts of criminal justice system intervention on individuals and society.

Students who choose to major or minor in Criminology will take courses that will help them develop their critical thinking skills and prepare them for fieldwork in corrections, courts, policing, and victim outreach. A degree in Criminology is also a great choice for students who wish to gain a foundation that will prepare them for graduate studies or law school. Learn more. » 


The subject matter of Sociology includes a wide variety of topics including social inequality, deviant behavior, criminology, gender, race and ethnicity, mental illness, non-western societies, law, corrections, aging, sports, and interpersonal violence. Sociology majors develop research skills and the ability to understand and connect individual lives with wider social forces. Learn more. »