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Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation in Educational and Youth-Serving Organizations

Certificate Overview

Educational and youth-serving organizations provide a wide range of data through which to monitor progress and make decisions. This certificate will help you to develop skills in program evaluation, research, and data analysis to make the most effective decisions for your organization.

Note: This is the same certificate that can be found on CSU's online program page, and you can request more information and/or apply from there: CSU Online: Certificate in Program Evaluation in Educational and Youth-Serving Organizations

Who is this Certificate for?

This certificate is intended for those who are working with educational and youth-serving organizations that may or may not be public K-12 schools. Courses in this certificate help students in evaluating and using data to evaluate and improve outcomes and programs in educational and youth-serving organizations. No prior experience or degree in education is required to enroll in this certificate program.


This certificate is fully online and asynchronous, offering additional convenience for remote students and those with busy schedules. 

What skills will I learn?

Program Evaluation:
Knowing what types of data to collect, how to analyze that data, and how to use the data to make positive changes within the organization

Research and Statistics:
How to collect, understand, and analyze data and use research methods to make decisions

Developing the skills necessary to obtain funding and to determine the impact of a program and/or policy

Adolescent Development:
Knowing the basic principles of human growth and the development of learners from early to late adolescence

What are the requirements?

The certificate can be completed in 13 credits*, offered primarily in two summer sessions:

  • EDB 572 Statistics for Health and Human Services (3 credits) - offered in summer session
  • EDB 711* Educational Program Evaluation and Innovation (3 credits) - offered in summer session
  • EDU 701* Advanced Research Design (2 credits) - offered in summer session
  • EDU 715 Applied Programming & Data Analysis with Statistical Software (2 credits) - offered in summer session
  • Choice between:
    (a) UST 510 Proposal Writing (3 credits - note: not always offered online, semester offered varies)
    (b) EDB 620 Psychology of Adolescent Learners (3 credits) - online, semester offered varies

*EDB 601 or its equivalent (an introductory research course) is a prerequisite for this course. It is offered every semester.

How much will it cost?

We have great news for out-of-state and international students who might have been deterred by the cost for out-of-state applicants. This is a fully online program, and now tuition for fully online programs at Cleveland State University has been reduced to be almost identical to tuition for in-state students! This means that CSU may cost less than your local state university, even if you do not live in Ohio. The tuition schedule can be found at this link: 

Graduate Online Fee Schedule

How can I apply?

To request more information or apply, please go to: CSU Online: Certificate in Program Evaluation in Educational and Youth-Serving Organizations

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