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Social and Psychological Tapas

Cleveland State University Social and Psychological Foundations presents Tapas: "small plate," in-depth discussions on issues of interest to the public.

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Episode 2

Adjunct instructor TK Kuykendall, Ph.D., presents Improving Access to and Fit of Opportunities for Underrepresented Students in Gifted Education

Episode 1

Faculty members Anne Galletta and Stacey Steggert offer key points and reflections on the narrative of school closure as a district improvement strategy.

Published work: Steggert​​​​​​​ S. & Galletta A. (2020). The press for accountability at the nexus of resilience, estrangement, hope, and inequity. Journal of Urban Affairs42(4), 595-616. DOI: 10.1080/07352166.2018.1474080