Taskstream FAQ
Who uses Taskstream?

Candidates in all undergraduate and graduate teaching licensure programs and some advanced licensure programs use Taskstream.

How do I access Taskstream?

Your initial 1-year account is created when you take the first course with a Taskstream requirement.  You will receive a message from Taskstream in your CSU email about accessing your account.  Or click the link below, use your CSU email as UserID, and click “Forgot login” to reset your password.

After initial account activation, candidates must maintain an active Taskstream account until licensure program completion.

Taskstream Login

What is a Taskstream template?

Taskstream requirements are organized into “templates” which provide a slot for each requirement that must be submitted and passed to move forward in your program.  Candidates use several templates throughout their program:

Checkpoint templates:   Require submission of key artifacts in licensure classes and a reflective self-analysis at 3 transition points (prior to Internship/Apprentice Teaching 1, prior to Internship/Apprentice Teaching 2, and at the end of the program)
OFS template:   Used to manage observation and evaluations of major field experiences
edTPA template:   Used to store and submit materials for edTPA (student teaching project)
Templates and key artifact lists are found on the reverse.

List of Templates and Self-Enrollment Codes for Checkpoint Templates, Effective Fall 2018

Why do candidates have to use Taskstream?

Taskstream assists with the candidate assessment process by:
• Facilitating assessment of essential knowledge, skills and dispositions on key assignments
• Providing consistency of requirements by ensuring common directions and scoring rubrics
• Helping candidates gauge progress in the program and identify areas for improvement
• Providing access to assessments for candidates, faculty, advisors and administrators
• Providing opportunities for candidate reflection and feedback in courses and at transition points
• Providing useful tools such as content standards lists, rubric builders, lesson plan builders, and a folio tool to create an online employment
• Providing one-stop instruction in Ohio-specific licensure requirements
• Managing observation files and assessments for major field experiences
• Providing directions and file structures for completing large projects like edTPA

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Taskstream  (800) 311-5656
Dr. Heather Gallacher: h.gallacher@csuohio.edu, (216) 687-3743
Dr. Brian Yusko: b.yusko@csuohio.edu, (216) 875-9774