Twice-Exceptional Teacher Education Program

Certificate and Degrees

The Twice-Exceptional Teacher Education program offers:

PROPOSED Online Graduate Certificate: 13 Credit hours (cohorts expected to start in January, 2024) 

Introduction (3 credits)

ESE 500 Introduction to Special Education OR  

EGT 512 Introduction to Gifted Education OR 

ETW 617 Ability, Disability and Creativity 

Introduction to 2e (1 credit) 

ETW 500- Introduction to Twice-Exceptional Education 

Teaching (3 credits) 

ESE 533 Curriculum for Exceptional Learners OR 

EGT 514 Differentiated Instruction for Gifted Learners 

Teaching 2e (3 credits) 

ETW 515/615 Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners 

Critical Issues (3 credits) 

ETW 518/618 Critical Issues in Twice-Exceptional Education 

PROPOSED Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with a Concentration in Twice-Exceptional Education (cohorts expected to start in January, 2024) 

Potential for Dual Licensure in Special Education and Gifted Education (Depending on state requirements) 

Required Credits (40)


(3 credits)

EDG 601 Research

Foundations and Society Choose one (3 credits)

EDB 604: Social Issues and Education

EDB 606: Philosophy of Education

EDB 608: Political Landscape of Education

EDB 609: Comparative and International Education

Choose two (6 credits)

ESE 500: Introduction to Special Education

EGT 512: Introduction to Gifted Education

ETW 617: Ability, Disability and Creativity

(1 credit)

ETW 500: Introduction to Twice-Exceptional Education

(3 credits)

ESE 511: Classroom Management

(3 credits)

ESE 512: Collaboration and Partnerships

(3 credits)

ESE 521: Assessment

(3 credits)

ESE 522: Curriculum

(3 credits)

EGT 514: Differentiating for Gifted Learners

(3 credits)

ETW 515: Teaching Twice-Exceptional

(3 credits)

ETW 518/618: Critical Issues

Choose one (3 credits)

EGT 580: Gifted Practicum EGT

576: Special Education Internship

(3 credits)

ETW 582: Action Research


PROPOSED Online 9 credit Twice-Exceptional focus area within the Learning and Development PhD program. 

Teaching 2e (3 credits) 

ETW 615 Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners 

Conceptual Foundations (3 credits) ETW 617 Ability, Disability and Creativity
Current Issues and Trends (3 credits) ETW 618 Critical Issues in Twice-Exceptional Education