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Diversity Institute

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Diversity Institute

The Diversity Institute (TDI) is an academic research and action center for confronting the range of topics encompassed under the umbrella of diversity, equity, and inclusion. TDI staff works to identify issues within Cleveland State University that can be addressed through a diversity, equity, and inclusion framework and collaborate with essential team members to address them. Recognizing the interdependence with the wider community, the TDI staff also collaborates with external partners to tackle these same issues as they present outside the university. The Diversity Leadership and Change Management program is supported, in part, by Lubrizol.


The Diversity Institute promotes systemic, measurable social change that enhances equity for all people. Through the combination of researchtraining, and advocacy, the Institute provides the intellectual framework to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and understanding, and spread this knowledge to organizational leaders and policymakers alike.



  • Inclusive hiring best practices in institutions of higher learning and in the workplace
  • Strategies for organizations to promote understanding, dialogue, and inclusivity
  • Strategies to close the achievement gap for underrepresented students in K-12 and postsecondary education


  • Train the next generation of diversity leaders through interdisciplinary degrees.
  • Provide cultural sensitivity education for faculty, administrators, and students to increase the level of empathy and understanding on campus
  • Provide diversity training for external organizations that seek to break down bigotry, promote equity, and leverage their diversity into profitability


  • Promote university policies and procedures to build understanding and to prevent, recognize, and address hate when it happens
  • Facilitate dialogue at the university and with community partners to advance initiatives that make a measurable difference in the lives of diverse students