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Key Reports

Recognizing Juneteenth provides a chance to better understand all of American History
Date: 6/17/22
Article: Cleveland.com

Cleveland Heights Police Department 2019 Traffic Ticketing Patterns
Date: 04/2021
Author: Ronnie A. Dunn
Publication: Urban Publications

Introduction Project 400: Our Lived Experience
Date: 01/2020
Author: Ronnie A. Dunn
Publication: Cultural Encounters, Conflicts, and Resolutions

Boycotts, busing, & beyond : the history and implications of school desegregation in the urban North
Date: 01/2016
Authors: Donna Whyte, Ronnie Dunn, James Hardiman, Adrienne Hatten, Mittie Jones
Publication: History Department Books

Ferguson, Staten Island and Cleveland: A Legal Discussion about the Use of Lethal Force by Law Enforcement Officers
Date: 01/2015
Authors: Shakyra Diaz, Carole Rendon, Terry Gilbert, Jonathan Witmer-Rich, Ronnie A. Dunn, et al.
Publication: Video Archive: Other Law School Events

Racial Profiling and Stop-and-Frisk: What's in a Name?
Date: 01/2015
Author: Ronnie A. Dunn
Publication: Urban Publications

Book Review: Detroit: Race Riots, Racial Conflicts, and Efforts to Bridge the Racial Divide
Date: 04/2014
Author: Ronnie A. Dunn
Publication: Urban Publications

The Marginalization and Criminalization of the Black Male Image in Postmodern America
Date: 01/2014
Author: Ronnie A. Dunn
Publication: Urban Publications

Response to "The History in Urban Studies: A Comment"
Date: 02/2011
Authors: William M. Bowen, Ronnie A. Dunn, David A. Kasdan
Publication: Urban Publications

Racial Profiling: Causes & Consequences
Date: 01/2011
Authors: Ronnie A. Dunn, Wornie Reed
Publication: Urban Affairs Books

What is Urban Studies?: Context, Internal Structure, and Content
Date: 05/2010
Authors: William M. Bowen, Ronnie A. Dunn, David A. Kasdan
Publication: Urban Publications

Measuring Racial Disparities in Traffic Ticketing Within Large Urban Jurisdictions
Date: 05/2009
Author: Ronnie A. Dunn
Publication: Urban Publications

Racial Profiling: Driving While Black in Cleveland
Date: 01/2006
Author: Ronnie A. Dunn
Publication: Urban Publications

A Culturally Competent Approach to Cancer News and Education in an Inner City Community: Focus Group Findings
Date: 01/2004
Authors: J.P. Marks, W. Reed, K. Colby, Ronnie A. Dunn, Mosavel, M., et al.
Publication: Urban Publications

Press and Expert Commentary


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