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This series provides brief, thought-provoking information about urban policy issues based on research conducted at the Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs. Our purpose is to stimulate additional discussion and debate. The series will include a “Map of the Month” as well as other formats. Questions or comments about specific topics can be addressed via email to the author(s). Questions or comments about the series of publications can be addressed to the Focus on Facts editor, Associate Dean Bob Gleeson at

DATEFocus on Facts ReportsAuthor
August 2020Efforts to Promote Voting by Mail May Help Ensure Strong Voter Turnout Among Both Young and Old Voters in Cuyahoga County's Fall 2020 ElectionDr. Mark Salling
August 2020Reliance on Voting by Mail Could Reduce Voter Turnout Among Black and Hispanic/Latino Voters in Cuyahoga CountyDr. Mark Salling
June 2020Thinking like a Region in Northeast Ohio? Factors that Predict Local Government Participation in Collaborative Policy and PlanningDr. Meghan Rubado, Dr. Joanna Ganning, Dr. Thomas Hilde, and Dr. Wendy Kellogg
March 2020Ohio Workers and the COVID-19 Global Health EmergencyJoseph Andre and Dr. Bob Gleeson
Februrary 2020"Don't Count Us Out!" Who is Likely to be Missed in the 2020 Census?Dr. Mark Salling
Februrary 2020Why Do We Still Conduct a Costly Census of All U.S. Residents Every Ten Years?Dr. Mark Salling
November 2019Before The New Street: Opportunity Corridor Residents and Jobs, 2017Dr. Bob Gleeson and Joseph Andre
November 2019Gradual Growth in Regional Collaboration in Cuyahoga County, OhioDr. Roland V. Anglin and Rene Kizys
September 2019Identifying Sector-Based Opportunities to Create Living-Wage Jobs in Cuyahoga County, OhioDr. Bob Gleeson
May 2019Congressional District Boundaries in Ohio: Impact on Voters and Party Representation in the U.S. CongressDr. Mark Salling
May 2019Slow Job Growth and Economic Structure in Cuyahoga County, OhioDr. Bob Gleeson
April 2019Measuring the Seeds of Neighborhood GentrificationMinkyu Yeom
April 2019Home Purchase Loans are Denied More Often for African American Applicants than White Applicants in Northeast OhioDr. Mark Salling
March 2019A Bit of Craic and a Few Facts About the Irish on Saint Patrick’s DayDr. Mark Salling
February 2019Can U.S. Energy Demand be Supplied by Renewable Sources?Dr. William Bowen
February 2019How Well Do Spanish-Speaking U.S. Residents also Speak English? Recent Data from the American Community SurveyDr. Mark Salling
October 2018Rethinking Our Regional IdentitiesDr. Bob Gleeson and Joseph Andre
July 201710 Years of Foreclosure Prevention in Cuyahoga CountyMolly Schnoke
June 2017Change in Persons with Health Insurance Before and After the Affordable Care Act: The Akron & Cleveland-Elyria MSAsDr. Mark Salling
June 2017Change in Persons with Health Insurance Before and After the Affordable Care Act: The State of OhioDr. Mark Salling
June 2017Change in Persons with Health Insurance Before and After the Affordable Care Act: The National PictureDr. Mark Salling

June 2017

Persons with Health Insurance Before and After the Affordable Care ActDr. Mark Salling
May 2017How Criminal Activity Nuisance Laws Can Hurt Victims of Domestic ViolenceDr. Joseph Mead, Marissa Pappas, Dr. Megan Hatch, Dr. Rosie Tighe
March 2017Deregulating Electricity Prices Saves Ohio $3 Billion Each YearAndrew Thomas, Dr. William Bowen, Dr. Edward Hill, Adam Kanter, Taekyoung Lim
February 2017Community Development Lending by Banks in Cuyahoga County, 2015Dr. Joanna Ganning
December 2016

Did Low Voter Turnout in Minority Neighborhoods Drive Trump’s Victory in Ohio? What the Cuyahoga County Results Indicate

Dr. Mark Salling
November 2016The Vote for Trump/Pence in Cuyahoga County, by Race/Ethnicity and Educational AttainmentDr. Mark Salling and Dr. Bob Gleeson

November 2016

Map of the Month: Early In Person Votes in the 2012 General Election and Percent African American Voting Age Population

Dr. Mark Salling