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Foreign Language Education

The Department of Teacher Education’s Foreign Language Education program provides professionals with the specialized knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions needed to meet the educational needs of students attending today's schools. The program prepares prospective educators seeking licensure as teachers of world languages (French or Spanish). 

The Foreign Language Education program helps prospective educators become accomplished professional second language educators. The program integrates the field experience and college coursework to prepare students to become licensed teachers in French or Spanish. Theory and practice are also linked through concurrent coursework and student teaching—a nationally recognized approach to teacher education. 

In the Department of Teacher Education, Foreign Language education program students enter a program that integrates educational theory with classroom practice. We prepare candidates to:

•understand student learning
•work with diverse learners
•use a variety of instructional strategies
•create positive learning environments
•develop and grow foreign language proficiency in their students
•reflect upon their practice and grow professionally
•meet state requirements regarding student learning outcomes
•become collaborators and leaders in the field of foreign language instruction

We work to build exceptional teaching skills in communication, lesson planning, assessment, reflection and professional development, and collaboration, ethics, and relationships. Students will follow a carefully constructed and monitored course of study, which has been designed to meet the standards of the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and of the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). This program has earned the status of Nationally Recognized by CAEP.

Prospective educators will earn an Ohio four-year Resident Educator teaching license in PreK-12 Spanish or French (valid for ages 3-21). This will be awarded upon successful completion of an appropriate degree program in Modern Languages and the total professional education sequence or minor in education. Preparation in the teaching field shall constitute at least an academic major or its equivalent with sufficient advanced course work in all areas to be taught.

Prospective applicants who have earned a B.A. in French or Spanish or those willing to complete the required hours in Spanish or French course work can pursue the post-baccalaureate program for licensure only (not the language degree.) Courses for this program are taken at the undergraduate level and tuition rate. Prospective applicants to the MUST program will be interested to know that work toward licensure in foreign language is available.