BA in Environmental Studies

BA Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies program is designed for students who are interested in working in environmental planning and analysis for business, industry or government. The program also provides an educational foundation for students who want to pursue an advanced degree in law or business.

Students examine major issues dealing with sustainable development, air and water pollution and hazardous substances. Groundwater protection, wetlands, solid waste disposal, pollution prevention, toxic land contamination, and the treatment of wastewater are some of the many topics addressed.

Specialized sequences are offered in:

  • Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Management

Internship opportunities are available to all students; scholarships are available to qualified students; students with substantial prior learning experience may apply for credit through the Assessment and Accreditation of Prior Learning Experience program. Opportunities to participate in small seminar groups, research projects, and online courses are available. Students should consult their advisers for assistance in planning coursework.

Career Opportunities

Students graduating with an environmental studies degree will develop skills currently high in demand in emerging domains. These skills are particularly suited to bridge the gap between science and policy. Students will become leaders in their communities’ efforts to protect, restore, and sustain environmental quality.

Environmental studies graduates work in organizations such as:

  • Environmental protection agencies at all government levels
  • Nonprofit environmental advocacy organizations
  • Environmental education organizations
  • Municipal government agencies
  • Regional planning and resource agencies
  • State and national parks and recreation areas
  • Private planning and environmental consulting firms
  • Law offices
  • Private industry
Contact Information

Undergraduate Program Director: Win Weizer

Public Affairs Student Services Center
Telephone: (216) 687-3884 / E-mail: