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Admission - Computer & Technology Endorsement

This program is for teachers who currently hold and Ohio Teaching certificate or license. Completion of the endorsement program entitles the participants to apply to the State of Ohio for its Computer/Technology Endorsement.

General requirements for admission to the Masters Degree in Educational Technology

1. A completed application form.
2. Official transcript from all colleges/universities where degrees were
previously received.
3. Take the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and earn a score above the 50th percentile. Students are exempt from these test requirements if:
- Baccalaureate degree is less than six years old at time of application AND undergraduate cumulative grade point average was at least 2.75 out of 4.00;
- OR Baccalaureate degree is six years old or older at the time of application and your cumulative grade point average was at least 3.00 out of 4.00;
- OR student completes the equivalent of 12 semester hours of Cleveland State University graduate course work (including EDB 601) and receive a grade of B or better in each course.

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Exit Requirements

Students who are in the Computer and Technology Endorsement program are required to submit artifacts into the TaskStream Portfolio system. The artifacts and related rubrics are developed based on the ISTE Technology Coaches standards.


Eligibility: Must be a provisionally/professionally certified or licensed teacher in the State of Ohio.




ETE 570 Technology in Learning Environments 3 None
ETE 571 Technological Change and Schools 3 None
ETE 572 Advancements in Educational Technology  3 None
ETE 573 Innovation: Projects in Educational Technology 3 ETE 570


ETE 570 - Technology in Learning Environments: This course provides an introduction to the integration of technology into a variety of instructional models that are applicable across all instructional settings and subject areas. Students will become familiar with underlying research and principles of technology integration and learn to design and create a range of instructional materials as appropriate to their particular instructional area.

ETE 571 - Technological Change and Schools: The course focuses on technological change in society and its impact on schools. It emphasizes the effective integration of technology into teaching and learning. Students will investigate instructional technology tools and environments and critique school technology use and integration.

ETE 572 - Advancements in Educational Technology: The course prepares students to create, support and model research-based and effective digital age learning environments, conduct needs assessments, develop and implement technology-related professional learning programs. Topics include designing and developing instructional content that incorporates advancements in educational technology and instructional design. Programming languages/scripting such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and web authoring software will be employed in the development of educational web sites.

ETE 573 - Innovation: Projects in Educational Technology: This course is a culminating experience in technology integration. Students extend the knowledge and skills obtained in core prerequisites to create a major technology innovation project, create a portfolio consistent with ISTE technology coach standards, learn technology grant writing techniques and conduct educational technology professional development.

Course Sequence


- ETE 570 Technology in Learning Environments (3 credits)
- ETE 571 Technological Change and Schools (3 credits)


- ETE 572 Advancements in Educational Technology (3 credits)
- ETE 573 Innovation: Projects in Educational Technology (3 credits) (pre-requisite: ETE 570)


- ETE 570 Technology in Learning Environments (3 credits) (6W2)
- ETE 572 Advancements in Educational Technology (3 credits) (6W1)

Students are required to complete practicum hours in a K-12 setting.

Beginning January 2014, all requests for a new credential must be completed online through the Ohio Department of Education's (ODE) website. Information regarding the online license application process can be found at After visiting this website if you still have questions regarding the online application process, please contact the Education Advising Office at 216-687-4625. Once you have submitted your online license application to the ODE and payment is made, it will be forwarded to Cleveland State for review. CLEVELAND STATE MUST HAVE ON FILE AN APPROVED PROGRAM OF STUDY AND RECORD OF YOUR PRAXIS/OAE SCORES (IF REQUIRED) TO APPROVE YOUR LICENSE APPLICATION. If your application is declined by Cleveland State, you will need to contact the Education Advising Office at 216-687-4625 for further information. You will be notified by the ODE if you do not have a current background check on file with them.

To receive a Computer/Technology Endorsement, a passing score on the following OAE Content exams must be achieved.
NOTE: You must designate CSU as a score recipient each time you register for the OAE as CSU will need to have a copy on file to approve your online license application.

State/Assoc. Licensure Area Test Code  Test Name Qualifying Score
Computer/Technology Endrs Lic Code: 111770




Computer/Technology (Subtest I)


Computer/Technology (Subtest II)





The Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) exams offered by Pearson are computer-delivered and offered continuously on demand. Registration information and directions for the OAE can be found at

The OAE Computer/Technology tests can be taken online and prior to student graduation. However, the related endorsement will be provided to the student after they graduate from their program. After graduation, students will apply for the endorsement through their ODE account.  It will then be routed to the CEHS advising office for review.  Once that is complete, the student will receive an email from ODE with their new endorsement.

Interested and prospective students can contact the program coordinator, Dr. Selma Koc at