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Online Teaching Certificate

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Online Teaching Certificate

The Online Teaching Certificate includes a sequence of 7 credit hours of coursework and can be taken completely online. This program is designed for K-12 educators, instructional designers, higher education faculty and adult educators who plan to teach online or improve their teaching.


  Course Credits Prerequisites
ETE 690 Designing Online Instruction 3 None
ETE 691 eLearning Tools and Techniques 3 ETE 690
ETE 692 Applications of Online Instruction 1 ETE 690, ETE 691

Course Descriptions

ETE 690 - Designing Online Instruction: In this course, students learn an applied framework for developing web-based instructional activities and online courses. Students learn technologies supportive of eLearning and engage in experiences to develop pedagogically sound instructional materials to be delivered online. Four components of development (1. course organization; 2. tool selection; 3. units of instruction; and 4. content selection and creation) are explored. This course is intended for K-12 teachers, adult educators who have experience teaching in higher education, and those interested in training and professional development for the corporate sector.

ETE 691 - eLearning Tools and Techniques: This course focuses on design, delivery and assessment of online learning and instruction in K-12, higher education and adult learning. A hands-on approach and research-based practice will provide a basis for understanding the pedagogy of online learning in creating an effective teaching and learning environment.

ETE 692 - Applications of Online Instruction: Students apply the knowledge and skills developed in ETE 690 and ETE 691 by designing, implementing, assessing and reflecting on an original online sequence of instruction.

Course Sequence


- ETE 690 Designing Online Instruction (3 credits)


- ETE 691 eLearning Tools and Techniques (3 credits) (pre-requisite: ETE 690)


- ETE 692 Applications of Online Instruction (1 credit) (pre-requisites: ETE 690 & 691)

Interested and prospective students can contact the program coordinator, Dr. Selma Koc at