Master of Urban Secondary Teaching (MUST) Residency Program

Master of Urban Secondary Teaching (MUST) Residency Program

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Program Overview

The Master of Urban Secondary Teaching Residency Program (MUST) is a 14-month accelerated, selective, field-based graduate teacher education program that prepares secondary teachers who are committed to teaching in urban schools. In response to the critical shortage of secondary teachers, MUST exemplifies the Levin College of Public Affairs and Education's commitment to educational professionalism and urban school renewal. In particular, MUST prepares urban educators in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English and Foreign Language. The program's goal is to graduate reflective, responsive teachers who are prepared to promote students' learning while consciously addressing the effects of race, class, and gender on student achievement.

The MUST program recruits interns who demonstrate a commitment to urban schooling and community renewal. Admission requirements include: at least a Bachelor's degree in mathematics, science, English, history or a related field; above average grades in that field; and competency or potential in communication, leadership, collaboration, and problem - solving. Interns are admitted as cohorts who take classes together for the duration of the program.



MUST integrates graduate education courses with a school-based teacher training experience. The program is 14 months in duration, including a 9 month school-based residency. MUST interns work side-by-side with their mentor teachers at an urban high school. In the fall, they are in the classroom half days, Mondays through Thursdays, where they are observing, planning, and slowly developing their teaching skills. During this time, they are supervised by a mentor teacher and by a university coordinator. In addition, education classes and seminars meet regularly throughout the Fall, in the Spring, interns are engaged in a 16-week student teaching experience. MUST residents complete the program well prepared and knowledgable in their specialized fields - In fact, CSU MUST interns graduate with an over 91% job placement rate.


Individuals who are interested in applying to the MUST Residency program should complete and submit a complete MUST application.  Please visit our Admissions Page for full details and requirements.

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Program Director
Diane Corrigan
Phone: 216-523-7550