Master of Urban Secondary Teaching (MUST) Residency Program

Program Requirements For Admitted Students

Program Requirements

All admitted interns who wish to successfully complete the program must complete both of the OAE exams, fulfill all standards and expectations through Taskstream, and complete each semester’s portfolio review.


The state of Ohio requires that all teachers in training successfully pass both of the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) exams. In order to acquire a teaching license, all interns must pass both exams.

Visit the website to learn more about the OAE.


Cleveland State University requires that all teaching interns submit evaluation forms, journals, projects, and other pertinent documents through Taskstream. Make sure that each document is successfully submitted in order for the documents to be evaluated by a supervisor.

Visit the website to learn more about Taskstream


At the end of the Fall and Spring semesters, each intern is to complete the portfolio review. The portfolio is where each intern collects artifacts from their teaching experience and documents how it pertains to one or more of the MUST outcomes. After the portfolio is successfully completed, interns will have to arrange a day and time with a MUST administrator or faculty member to explain how each artifact relates to the MUST outcomes.

See the MUST handbook for more information about the OAE exams, Taskstream, and the  Portfolio.

  click here to download MUST Handbook


In the link below, you will find a detailed list of the courses and course related requirements you will be expected to complete in order to graduate from the MUST program. In order to ensure the highest quality teachers possible, if you earn a grade of B- or lower in two or more courses, you will be dismissed from the program. The courses are described in the chronological order in which you will take them. At the end of this sequence, you will find a description of the research project required in order to complete the program.

Master of Urban Secondary Teaching (MUST) (7-12)