Master of Urban Secondary Teaching (MUST) Residency Program

MUST Admission

Step - by - Step Instructions for Gaining Entry to the MUST Program

Am I Right for the MUST program?

Students who are interested in joining the program should consider how they can make a positive difference in urban schools.  Teaching in an urban high school is one of the most rewarding experiences. As you are considering applying to the program, ask yourself these questions to see if you are ready to start.

  • Are you able to work in an environment which can be at times very dynamic?
  • Are you comfortable working with a diverse group of students?
  • Are you willing to commit yourself to an intensive 14-month program where you will become a reflective, responsive teacher-leader who is devoted to teaching in an urban high school?

If you answered yes to these questions, please contact the MUST Director, Diane Corrigan, at to begin the admission process or to request more information.

I. Review entrance requirements

GPA requirements:

  1. 3.00 GPA to apply to the Graduate school as degree seeking.

Transcript Evaluation:
Arrange to have your transcript evaluated by one of ours advisors in the ESSC. When you meet with an advisor, you should go over your course requirements and check off which courses you already have and which courses you still need to take.

You must have the majority of the prerequisite coursework completed prior to entering the MUST program. Due to the accelerated nature of the program, it is not recommended that MUST interns take more than 2-3 licensure courses during their MUST experience. Below is a list of available specializations. Click on the name of the specialization you are interested in to download a checklist of its requisite coursework. All checklists are in PDF format.




English Language Arts
Social Studies

Earth Science






Physics and Mathematics








    II. Attend a MUST Information Session

    These sessions are usually held once in the Fall semester and once in the Spring Semester. Contact a MUST administrator to find out when the next session will be held. Notice of the information sessions are usually posted to the website's main page.

    III. Complete the MUST Application Form

    Part of the MUST application process requires you to complete a brief form and entrance essay. Submit your completed application form to Diane Corrigan. Download link here:  MUST Application Form

    IV. Set up a Meeting

    Arrange a date and time for you to meet with Diane Corrigan to discuss a information about MUST. This is where you can learn more about the program and its nuances. In the meeting, you may be asked why you feel that you are a qualified candidate for the program. From here, we will determine whether you are a fit candidate for MUST.  

    V. Acceptance Letters are Emailed

    You will be notified of your acceptance into our program with an email from our advising office. Emails will be sent out after the interview. Candidates typically are notified around the winter holidays.