Community Learning Center for Children and Youth

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Cleveland State University - Community Learning Center (CLC)

In this short video introduction to the Community Learning Center, we discuss a few programs and opportunities for our educational community. The Community Learning Center offers in-person and remote tutoring and assessment services. We also have outreach and volunteer programs to meet the needs of our community members in their neighborhoods and schools. The Community Learning Center is a training site to help prepare eductors and non-educators to work individually with K-12 students in out of school or auxiliary academic environments.

Levin Podcast 16 - CSU's Community Learning Center responds to Covid19

In this episode we meet Amanda Yurick, Associate Professor, Special Education at Cleveland State University. The Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted nearly every facet of our everyday lives. We have seen and felt these effects within our healthcare systems, economy and workforce, transportation sectors, mental health needs and services, and certainly the field of education is implicated as well. How we educate our children and youth saw some dramatic shifts from in-person to remote structures, which left the inequities that have always existed glaringly apparent in the light that Covid shed on our uneven access to resources. At Cleveland State we have help adapt the classroom for local students through our CLC (Community Learning Center).

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