Community Learning Center for Children and Youth

CLC Center-based Tutoring and Registration

The Community Learning Center for Children and Youth has been providing high quality instructional and assessment support for K-12 learners from the Greater Cleveland community for nearly 30 years. We are structured to provide mutual and maximal benefit to both our K-12 learners as well as our Levin College of Public Affairs and Education preservice teachers. Each semester (including summer), faculty in our teacher preparation programs coordinate their class requirements with the CLC to provide tutoring or assessment support to learners which, in turn, allows the preservice teach to practice important skills and concepts being taught in their college course. This is a mutually beneficial and engaged learning experience for both tutors and tutees and their families.

Our offerings span a range of content areas, age and grade bands, and are offered both in-person and remotely. Read the course descriptions carefully for all course details and requirements. Offerings are updated three times per year and current offerings are listed within the Family Enrollment Form. Waitlists are available even when courses are filled, so check back often!

Families may begin by completing the Family Enrollment Form. Faculty may register their course with the CLC by completing the Faculty Intake Form. CSU students who are enrolled in a course that will work within the CLC should complete the CSU Student Intake Form. Campus International Teachers who would like to enroll their students to work with CSU students during the schoolday, please complete the intake form for Campus International Teachers for each student you wish to enroll.