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Meet Angelina Hardin

Angelina HardinAngelina Hardin Tutoring in Action

Meet Cleveland Public Library South Brooklyn Branch Tutor, Angelina Hardin

I am a tutor for the Office of Civic Engagement at the South Brooklyn branch of the Cleveland Public Library. I loved the idea of helping kids at this library because when I was in elementary school I would visit the same library branch after school too! Being a tutor has given me the chance to give back to my community, specifically the library that supported me when I was younger. My mother is a teacher and I have always felt so supported to pursue education, so I love instilling the love of learning into the students I get to tutor. This opportunity has reminded me of the diversity of this city, and I feel so grateful to be a part of these kids’ safe learning space. Many of the students come back week after week, and it is amazing to see their progress and learning as you form a stronger bond with them and observe their learning styles. Beyond the “teacher” role I play I am also a friend to the kids who spend a lot of their time at the library. I love that they have me to share stories about their day with, celebrate good grades with, or even color with. I chose CSU because I have lived in Cleveland my whole life. I think there are such valuable connections to be made at CSU, especially in the Levin College of Public Affairs and Education where so many of the professors have worked in the city doing jobs I hope to do one day. My main goal with my education is to learn how to help my community be sustainable and long lasting. Tutoring lets me help out my city and have a positive impact on Cleveland’s future.