Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Cory Slaughter

Cory Slaughter​​​​​​​Cory served as a tutor in the OCE America Reads Program at the Cleveland Public Library (CPL) and as an OCE Office Student Assistant for three years from 2015 to 2018. He graduated from CSU in Spring 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economic Development, then earned a Master of Business Administration degree in Spring 2020.

What do you recall about your feelings or experiences working as a tutor in the program?
I found the experience to be very rewarding. I got a better understanding of how something that may seem small, such as a tutoring program, could have such a large impact on so many people. I enjoyed helping students build confidence, understand material, and grow as individuals.

How did you grow in your professional development when you worked in the OCE as an Office Assistant?
Working within the OCE gave me ample opportunity to learn the inner workings of the program and how there is much more to it than meets the eye. It gave me exposure to budgets, planning, payroll, creating and managing spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, event planning, and above all, professional communication skills. These skills, among others I learned, are all valuable skills within the workforce and are used on an almost daily basis.

What academic, career, or personal endeavors are you currently pursuing?
Having accomplished the majority of my academic goals thus far, I’m currently working on a few personal goals. I am focusing on learning a few programming languages that will help me in my career such as SQL, R, and Python. In addition, I hope to give back to the community through volunteer work once I am more established and have the time to do so. Career wise, I am focusing on learning as much as I can in my current role as opportunities arise to become a valuable resource to the rest of my team and set myself up for further advancement.

Where are you working now?
I am currently a Pricing Analyst at Progressive Insurance. I started just after finishing my MBA degree from CSU.