Office of Civic Engagement

Meet Ellen Barrett

Ellen BarrettEllen was hired for the Fall 2021 semester to serve as a Viking Corps tutor at the Cleveland Public Library and at Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School for the Office of Civic Engagement. Ellen is a Preparatory Nursing major at CSU.

What made you want to work as a Viking Corps Tutor while attending CSU?
This job is about being able to work with and help children who may need a little bit of assistance. I know how hard it can be to go through school and how it can be a struggle.

What do you feel you will gain from being a tutor? How will young people benefit from working with you?
I feel like I will gain real life experience on how to work with people who are younger than me. The children who I have worked with get help on subjects they don’t fully understand. They also get someone to talk to or just to sit with while they try their best.

Do you have any other tutoring or community service experience? 
I was a Girl Scout for eight years and did a multitude of different volunteer work. My volunteer work ranged from food drives to helping host a holiday party for Disabled American Veterans.

Why did you choose to attend CSU?
I picked CSU because it is an amazing place for anyone wanting to go into the healthcare industry. Especially with there being major hospitals just down the road.

Any thoughts on why other students should get involved with these programs while they are students?
Overall it is an amazing program! Being able to go to the library and help the kids who are struggling is very rewarding. Just being able to see the kids and having them remembering you is amazing!