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OCE CPL America Reads and Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School Tutor, Forrest Osborn

Forrest is a post-baccalaureate student in Mechanical Engineering and a McNair Scholar at CSU. Since Fall 2019, he has worked at Fleet, Rockport, and Walz Cleveland Public Library branches. He also previously worked at Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School. During the Spring 2022 semester, he assisted 61 youth with their school work.

What made you want to work as a CPL America Reads/Viking Corps Tutor?

I knew from my previous tutoring experiences that there is a particular need for tutors who are comfortable with their math and science skills. CPL America Reads/Viking Corps is a highly beneficial program for the children of the Cleveland community. It feels good to know I am helping these students and setting a good example. I enjoy the conversations I have with the students and am interested in their input on school work and life. In my life, I had to go through a period where I relied heavily on going to tutors for help.

Do you have other tutoring experience or community service experience?

I do have other tutoring experience from tutoring family members. I also tutored students, primarily in math and science, at a program like Viking Corps called Upward Bound/TRiO in Minnesota. I was involved in a volunteer tree planting project at a public park through working at Upward Bound. When I was working in Rail Signal Engineering, I was able to volunteer as a judge for a middle school science fair.

"Forrest's strength lies in his ability to help multiple students at a time."

- Rockport Branch Manager, Forrest Lykins

Any thoughts on why other students should get involved in CPL America Reads and Viking Corps while they are students at CSU?

These programs are quite rewarding on a personal level. It is the type of job where you feel like you are making a useful difference in the world. Viking Corps and the CPL America Reads program also provides a good opportunity to see how young students learn and come to understand their school concepts